• Bassano del GrappaCity located in the Vicenza province. Rise at 122mt near the Brenta river, crossed by the historical woden covered bridge, many time recostructed using the ancient Palladio's projects. Interesting buildings are: the cathedral, St.Maria in Colle (X century age), St.Francesco church (end of XIII century age) and St.Battista church (XV century age) rebuilt in 1700; Caravaggio church in baroque style; Misericordia 's church and St. Donato church. Also notable some old gates in the old city walls as Grazie's gate, the castle gate and Ezzelini tower.

  • VeneziaCity of Veneto and country seat, known worldwide for its pitturesque look and its monuments.
    Situated only 50Km from Bassano del Grappa within reach by train (travel takes 1 hour).

  • Il museo di Bassano The museum exibit many paintings of Jacopo da Bassano, a archeological section, art gallery and Canoviana section; a library with Remondiniana collection and 1800 printings.

  • Le ville venete In Bassano: VILLA CA' MICHIEL, end of 1600, by Andrea Palladio.
    In Romano d'Ezzelino: VILLA CORNARO 1650.
    In Mussolente: VILLA NEGRI 1750, projected by A. Negri e A. Gaidon.
    In Rosà: VILLA DOLFIN BOLDU' 1750.
    In Cartigliano: VILLA CAPPELLO 1650, attribuited to F. Zamberlan.

  • Monte GrappaMassif (1776 mt) of the Veneto pre-alp, included between Brenta valley and Cismon valley. It's history bequest at the I° World War , when Grappa mountain been the last and decisive barrage to the enemy advance towards to the Veneto plain (with the building of the Vittorio Emanuele 3rd tunner 5km long). On the top of the Grappa rise the Monumental War Memorial with burial place (12.615 dead soldier wich 10.332 unknown soldiers).
  • AsoloSituated in the province of Treviso is a important tourist centre (about 6300 people). Interesting monuments: municipal building (1490), with A.Contarini fresc, that holds the municipal museum, the Caterina Cornaro (queen of Cipro) castle ruins; on these ruins in the